After the success of both movies, « Ice Age » and « Rio », the new 3D animation « Epic: La Bataille du Royaume Secret » comes to the cinema, on May 22th, 2013 in France.

The director, Chris Wedge, got inspired by an exhibition of paintings representing small beings living in trees and bushes, for this new animation of one hour and fourty-four minutes.

Mélanie Laurent lends her French voice for the role of a young energetic and obstinate teenager, Mary-Katherine, Professor Bomba’s daughter.

The scenario wrote by James V. Hart, William Joyce, Dan Shere, Tom J. Astle and Matt Ember refers to the movie made by Joe Johnston, in 1989 « Chérie, j’ai rétréci les gosses » and the Tim Burton’s animation « Alice au Pays des Merveilles » in 2010 just as the heroine discovers in her father’s house, inventions and sophisticated gadgets, subsequently, narrows in the forest, near the dilapidated house.

Photo : © Twentieth Century Fox

She finds herself in the imaginary world of the forest, strewn with pitfalls, discovering the existence of this world and introducing the Tara’s meeting, the Queen of the leafs-men, wounded by an arrow, launched by Mandrake wearing the cape in bat; disappears by magic, after delivering his last wishes to Mary-Kate.

The animation, realism, action and adventure take place in the forest where is located the fantasy world, surrounded by tiny beings of the nature, saving their world (the first one, Moonhaven, the world of the forces of the light and the other, Wrathwood, the world of the forces of the darkness). The plot of the movie highlights the air scenes of combat and of races between the leafs-men resembling at the samurai warriors (in company of Ronin, the leader of the leafs-men and Nod, seductive and casual leafs-men, interpreted by Jérémie Rénier in the French version) and Boggans resembling at the bats monsters (in company of Mandrake, the lord of Boggans) through the trees, brambles and fields and the use of vehicles during in the pursuits-races (to the leafs-men, hummingbirds having the speed of a motorcycle and of a helicopter and to the Boggans, bats and nocturnal rodents).

The touching moment of the movie is, when the light of the day lights and the pod hatches after the flight of the bats, with the help of Mary-Kate’s father. A new queen will reign in Moonhaven.

Chenda CHUON
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