After the success of « Giant Meatballs Storm », directors Cody Cameron and Kris Pearn continue the adventures of Flint Lockwood, his father and his friends in the upcoming animated feature film from Sony Pictures Animation, The Island Yummy NIMALS : Giant Meatballs Storm 2. The DVD and Blu-ray movie is releasing this June 11th, 2014.

Flint Lockwood (Jonathan Lambert), inventor of a machine turning water into food, destroyed his invention due to the occurrence of culinary and natural disasters. However, his machine reappears and transforms the nature, animal breeding and food. Chester V, the malicious President of Live Corp, offers to his benevolent assistant, Barb, an orangutan, in human brain shape, to find Flint Lockwood. Barb finds him and will ask him to join Chester V in San Franjose. He meets the President of Live Corp and asked him to go alone on mission to the Swallow Island in Castle.

As in Tempête de Boulettes Géantes, the yum-NIMALS are differentiated by their characters ; they live and eat on the Swallow Island in Castle. Cody Cameron and Kris Pearn highlight the characters in medium shots and close-ups, then, in wide shot landscapes in each sequence. The actors add youthful and humorous touch to their voice. They bring energy and emotion to their characters. This adventured film, full of twists and turns, is full of CGI. His sublime scenery is a delight for eyes. The half-animal characters, mid-food and the landscapes are introduced in different colors. We discover Chester V’s corporation, Live Corp, whose roof is shaped in gigantic bulb and the Mont Candy Cane in three dimensions where there are huge crystals, waterfalls and characters that float on the water surface. The filmmakers and their film crew : Justin K. Thompson production designer, Peter Nash senior animation supervisor and Peter G. Travers visual effects supervisor use the same visual techniques that in the movies, Les Rois de la Glisse, Tempête de Boulettes Géantes ; such as live action technique to composite images, 2D paintings CGI for animals and food, digital retouching for scenery. We discover great music and catchy songs from an excellent composer, Mark Mothersbaugh as « La La Dee » performed by Cody Simpson.

L'IledesMiamnimauxTempetedeBoulettesgeantesPhoto : © Sony Pictures Releasing France

L’île des Miam-nimaux : Tempête de Boulettes Géantes 2 transmits an honorable message of tolerance and awareness of animal, Nature and biodiversity protection as well as food waste. This entertaining and enchanted film plunges me into the futuristic and culinary universe. The screenplay is inspired by the work of Judi Barrett, Il pleut des hamburgers.

Chenda CHUON

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