After the success of films Raining Frogs and Mia and the Migou movies, the director Jacques-Rémy Girerd is dedicated to the new animated feature film of Folimage, Aunt Hilda. The DVD and Blu-ray movie release this June 18th, 2014.

The intrepid Aunt Hilda (Sabine Azéma), ecologist botanist, cultivates and crops plants from abroad, in her museum. However, some of these plants disappear. In contrast, her sister Dolores (Josiane Balasko), the despicable Chief Executive Officer of a multinational food-processing industry, creates her project, the Attilem cereal. This is a giant artichoke with developed tentacles through GMO technology (Genetically Modified Organisms).

As in previous movies La Prophétie des Grenouilles et Mia et Le Migou, Jacques-Rémy Girerd highlights the characters in close-up and in medium shots. The exceptional participation of the voice of Sabine Azéma and Josiane Balasko bring a humorous touch and realism in their character. The director uses the same visual technics as in previous films like drawing on paper, frame by frame, digital alterations, composing, special effects for pictures and paintings for decor. Also, he is inspired by landscapes of the Drôme (vegetation, markets and villages) for scenery. The special effects are very successful and are ubiquitous at the onset of gigantic plants. Jacques-Rémy Girerd shows the difficult relationship between the two sisters, Aunt Hilda and Dolores and ecological issues. We discover the original soundtrack, classical style, 70s rock and contemporary electro, signed by Serge Besset. Tante Hilda ! is presented in competition at the Festival Berlin International Film (Berlinale) in the Generation Kplus category in 2014. The film received the Audience Award at the Festival of Gerardmer Canvas Seeds in 2013 and was named « Best Female Voice » for Sabine Azema during the Festival « Stars’ Voice » from Leucate in 2013.

TanteHildaPhoto : © Folimage, Mélusine Production, France 3 Cinéma, Rhône-Alpes Cinéma, SND

Tante Hilda! passes her her legacy of indignation and commitment on the message for awareness of nature conservation and biodiversity. This fascinating film explores the scientific world of plants. The screenplay is inspired by ecological events such as GMOs and ecological problems. Sabine Azéma and Josiane Balasko are excellent in the role of opposite sisters. A strong emotion is felt as they emerge.

Chenda CHUON

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