Following the success of the first and second part of Kung Fu Panda, the feature animation film of Twentieth Century Fox and DreamWorks Animation SKG, in partnership with China Film Co., LTD. Oriental DreamWorks returns on screen. The directors Jennifer Yuh Nelson and Alessandro Carloni plunge us into the roots of the leading character in this third part of Kung Fu Panda. This movie releases on March 30th 2016.

Li Chan (Emmanuel Jacomy), Po’s father, came back, finds again his son that he was looking for so many years, in the Vallée de la Paix. They met and confide in each other open-heartedly. Po (Manu Payet) and his father are going to cross a long way to reach the secret village of pandas, located on snow-covered tops. Po discovers finally his origins and adapts gradually to the customs of his family.

A brief introduction recounts the friendship between Master Oogway and the warrior Kaï, the Kaï’s betrayal towards his friend Oogway. With beautiful Chinese sets and special effects fascinate young audience. We discover two parallel worlds « The Kingdom of the Living » and « The Kingdom of Spirits ». Some hilarious and moving sequences unfold when Po makes discover to his father, the dojo, Li Chan tries an armour and does not stop to collide with his son or even, when the pandas hurtle down a hill doing rolls to go eat and bounce against one another. Jennifer Yuh Nelson, Alessandro Carloni and their production team use the same audiovisual techniques that in the previous movies Kung Fu Panda as the new animation software, finishing and improved stereo techniques, the fur and new lighting software development changing, experienced techniques such as the real location scouting, computer-generated imageries and graphics for the sets and visual effects. They give us a strong message of wisdom and hope. The leading character clearly alludes to the personality and the career of the director of the movie. The interpretation of the French voices Manu Payet, Emmanuel Jacomy, Pierre Arditi, Alison Wheeler, Jérémie Covillault make discover the new multi-faceted of the personality of their characters, brings their caustic and youthful humour, spontaneity and sensitivity. The bewitching music of Hans Zimmer, which plunges us back in the Kung Fu.

KungFuPanda3Photo : © Twentieth Century Fox

Relive the most intense moments of the third part of Kung Fu Panda and find the craziest character, Po and his father Li Chan, Sir. Ping (Michel Tureau), Master Oogway, Master Shifu, Tigresse, Vipère, Singe, Grue, Mante, Mei Mei (Alison Wheeler), Bao, Kaï. Don’t miss the epic battle between Po and Kaï in Kung Fu Panda 3. This animation film will take you in the Chinese mythology.

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